Here I am at my new home and outside we have ducks and geese because there’s a water source across the street.

I’m settling in nicely and have two jobs lined up…have my Oregon driver’s license and have training for the first job the end of this week. Looks like I’ll be working seven days a week, but looking forward to getting back on track.

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Washington Park

Today is the first day I’ve taken any pictures since I’ve been up here in Oregon. Mostly I’ve been job hunting and helping my sister make order out of chaos. But things are going ok.

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We went to Washington Park today and it was drizzling rain with intermittent sunshine. Strange, but got some good shots.

Well, it’s late and I have an interview in the morning……….wish me luck!

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Have you ever had a bad hair day where the static electricity in your hair is uncontrollable? Well, I was lucky to try Static Schmatic that saved the day. Here’s a little bit about this new product . About Static Schmatic: Static Schmatic® was created by the mother/daughter team, Kris and Whitney, who live in […]

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via Daily Prompt: Denial

I think I may be in denial about my move. I want to move, but I don’t want to move. I miss my life here already and I haven’t left yet. I miss my boyfriend. I miss my job. I miss my family.

I feel like everything will be fine when I get to Oregon. Am I just fooling myself?

Change scares me. I’m taking a big leap of faith that everything will turn out fine, but in reality, I’m going far away with no job waiting for me. I’m confident that I’ll find something soon, but what if I don’t?

Crap! I’m leaving tomorrow morning.  Kinda late to change my mind…and I’m not sure I want to. Once I go, there’s no turning back. I can’t afford another move.

I wish I knew what to do…

Oh, Deer!

Well…I didn’t move last week. I’m going this friday instead. I just had too much to do and me working by myself…well, it was just too much. But the extra week helped and I am nearly done with the packing and tossing junk I don’t need. I will be ready to go early friday morning.

Sorry I haven’t blogged this week…I’ve been too busy. But I have taken a few minutes to read from the reader. A lot of inspiration this past week…thank you!


This is my Baby. She is quite a character. This is her snake-like pose. She is really sweet…mostly, but when I went to put her harness on…all teeth and toenails. Needless to say, I didn’t get it on her. I’ve tried three times with no luck. And one of my other cats ditched her harness this morning and I can’t find it. Her  name is Oreo…a tuxedo cat, but the last cat, Pooka, still has her harness on. She doesn’t like it, but she hasn’t tried taking if off yet. Oreo’s my escape artist. I had another harness on her awhile back and she slipped out of that one, too!


via Photo Challenge: Dense

This is as dense as I could find in my photo collection at the moment. And as far as dense goes, this is pretty dense for palm trees. It was taken in 1999, in Jamaica. One of my many pictures from my trip to Negril.


Well, here we are getting down to the wire. One more day to finish packing and then I’ll be on my way to Oregon…on Friday. I’m not sure if I will get done by tomorrow night or not. I may have to come back next week and work another couple of days to get it all done. Face it…I have too much crap.

My sunset was taken from the dam at San Luis Reservoir awhile back. I’m really going to miss the great photos I get down here. I hope Oregon gets some sun…soon.


Sunrise at San Luis Reservoir on March 12. I will miss those. Oregon is still raining and very overcast. I only hope that they will have some great sunrises as the summer nears.

I worked all day, packing stuff into the pod. I still have the trailer to go which I will do tomorrow…or at least as much as I can in one day. After all…it’s only a 27 foot 5th wheel. How much stuff can one have in there.  Well…alot more than I probably need. Have to weed through and get rid of some stuff, but I’m still going to have extra room left over in the pod.

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