Trip to the Park

Today it was sunny, but a little cool and windy. Not to windy to go to the park. It had water and a hiking/biking trail. My sister and I walked a little ways down the trail, taking pictures and enjoying our time out of doors.


DIY Soap

Since I’ve been here in Akron, I’ve started making my own soap bars and lip balm. I am using Melt & Pour soap base so it’s not that tough. And I find it rather fun. The lip balm I’ve done once, but I like the fact it doesn’t have a lot of chemical crap in it…or the soap, although, the soap would be better if I made it from scratch…a bit more complicated. I just got my second lip balm kit today. Yes…I know…it is Sunday, but USPS delivered it anyway. Go figure! So my sister and I will make some lip balm probably tomorrow afternoon…as I have a doctor appointment in the morning. Not really looking forward to that, I might add.

Oh, with Melt & Pour soap base you just microwave it until it melts…stirring every few seconds (like 15 to 30 seconds at a time). Then add your essential oils and any dry stuff like flowers, ground oatmeal, etc., and stir until it is well mixed. It’s ok to remelt if it starts setting up before you can get it into the molds. Anyway…it is lots of fun. Ok…they aren’t perfect, but it was my first try…lol!

Blue Heron

When I was still in California, I was taking pictures along the dam at San Luis Reservoir. Sometimes I use my FinePix S8300 digital camera. It isn’t a great camera but I think it’s fine for one starting out with photography.  One day, I uploaded my pictures into my computer and found this picture. I didn’t even remember taking it…but here it is. He was just taking off.dscf2790-282120566.jpg

Common Grackle

Today was the first day I have ever seen on of these birds. It was so amazing to me. There it was on the deck with two of his friends. So cool! I can’t wait to see more Spring birds.


Here in Akron

I’m fascinated with the birds around here. Most of them we didn’t have in California or Oregon. Maybe we did and I just never saw them, but some are native here in the east…like the Cardinal. Also, I’ve noticed the Blue Jay is more blue here in Ohio than on the west coast. In fact, it’s really pretty. Changing the subject…

It may take forever to get all of our stuff unpacked. I know…we’ve been here for 6 months, but to be fair, the weather has been cold and snowy…plus we are both getting old. The limbs don’t work as well as they used to. And we have been getting our exercise with the upstairs and the basement stairs.

Back to birds…I take a lot of pictures of the birds and squirrels. Some are good and some not so good, but I enjoy it so what the heck…right??? All my pictures are from the living room…tv room…where we have some big windows. We haven’t gotten out to take pictures anywhere else, though. We’re waiting for the weather to get better.

This is a Downy Woodpecker…I believe.

My New Life

My sister and I arrived in Akron, Ohio, October 1st, 2018. We moved here together after my sister, Danna, bought a house. It’s in a nice neighborhood and we have nice neighbors, too.

The weather has been colder than we are used to. Here it is April 1st and it snowed yesterday. Today is sunny and the snow is melting. I’m wondering if Spring will ever come or will we go straight to Summer?

But I do like the birds. We put out feeders and get a lot of Cardinals, Chick-a-dees, Tufted Titmouse, Finches…well…a lot of birds. I’m looking forward to the Spring and Summer birds…hoping there will be some new (to me) and different types.

Washington Park

In the middle of packing my sister’s stuff so we can move to Ohio…we took a day off to visit the park. It was beautiful with the sun shining through the trees.20180831_182849.jpg

I’m A Rabbit!

To whom it may concern…

“I’m a rabbit. I’ve always been a rabbit,” he said with pride, as he looked out of his window at his vegetable garden.
“I grow carrots. I’ve always grown carrots,” and he smiled, as he looked over his crop.
“I eat carrots. I’ve always eaten carrots.” And he rubbed his tummy and smacked his lips.
“You see, I’m a rabbit. I’ve always been a rabbit. I grow carrots. I’ve always grown carrots. I eat carrots. I’ve always eaten carrots. Because I’m a rabbit!” he said with a smile.


Luwana Ransier


It really boggles my mind that there are people out there waiting to take advantage of someone trying to find a home. It’s hard enough to find a place to live without these traps. I found two of these today.

It looks ok…right?

But when I googled the address…well…the property is up for sale. Then I got the email from the “owner”. They are from “good Christian people” asking for money to be sent to some other state while they claim to be “FedExing ” the keys to the property to my current home address.

I’m just days away from being homeless. I don’t need this right now!

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