Mr. Bunny lived in a small house, with a stream on one side and a big garden on the other side. He and his family had lived there for many years.
Every day they would tend the garden, planting and harvesting various vegetables. Mr. Bunny took extra care tending the carrot patch because these were his favorite vegetables.
Day after day, Mr. Bunny would watch his carrots grow bigger and bigger. Then the day came. It was time to harvest his carrots. But when he went to his garden…his carrots were GONE!
“Oh, my!” he exclaimed, wringing his hands. “Where could they be?”
He looked and looked, but couldn’t find any trace of them. So he ask his family if any of them had taken his carrots.
“NO!” they cried. “Our vegetables are gone, too!”
So they looked and looked, but couldn’t find any of the missing vegetables.
They went across the stream to the barnyard.
“Mrs. Cow, did you take our vegetables?”
“No!” mooed Mrs. Cow. “I only eat grass and hay.”
They went to Mr. Horse.
“Mr. Horse, did you take our vegetables?”
“No!” Mr. Horse whinnied. “I might eat a carrot now and then, but mostly I eat oats, grass and hay. I did not take your vegetables.”
They went to Mrs. Sheep.
“Mrs. Sheep, did you take our vegetables?”
“I only eat grass.” bawled Mrs. Sheep. “I didn’t take your vegetables.”
Then they went to Miss Chicken.
“Did you take our vegetables, Miss Chicken?”
“No!” she clucked. “I only eat grains, like corn. I have not seen your vegetables.”
And so they went back across the little stream.
Once more at home they thought and thought who else could they ask. Then Mrs. Bunny said, “What about Mr. Mouse?”
Mr. Mouse lived next door, on the other side of the garden. Maybe he knew what happened to the vegetables.
“Mr. Mouse,” they asked, “did you take our vegetables?
“Yes, it was I! I took your vegetables to feed my family who had come for a visit. I was going to leave a note, but I forgot.”
“It’s not nice to take things without asking first” said Mr. Bunny. “If you had asked we would have gladly shared!”
“I’m sorry!” said Mr. Mouse. “What can I do to make it up to you?”
“Well,” said Mr. Bunny. “You can help us with our gardening and we will share our vegetables with you, so that next time your family comes to visit, you’ll have plenty of food.”
“Thank you, Mr. Bunny! I’d be glad to help out in your garden.”
Now everyone worked together, planting an even bigger garden, with even more vegetables and especially more CARROTS!

The End


I’m A Rabbit!

To whom it may concern…

“I’m a rabbit. I’ve always been a rabbit,” he said with pride, as he looked out of his window at his vegetable garden.
“I grow carrots. I’ve always grown carrots,” and he smiled, as he looked over his crop.
“I eat carrots. I’ve always eaten carrots.” And he rubbed his tummy and smacked his lips.
“You see, I’m a rabbit. I’ve always been a rabbit. I grow carrots. I’ve always grown carrots. I eat carrots. I’ve always eaten carrots. Because I’m a rabbit!” he said with a smile.


Luwana Ransier


It really boggles my mind that there are people out there waiting to take advantage of someone trying to find a home. It’s hard enough to find a place to live without these traps. I found two of these today.

It looks ok…right?

But when I googled the address…well…the property is up for sale. Then I got the email from the “owner”. They are from “good Christian people” asking for money to be sent to some other state while they claim to be “FedExing ” the keys to the property to my current home address.

I’m just days away from being homeless. I don’t need this right now!

I’m back!

Hello…it’s been a long time. It didn’t work out in Oregon so I came back to California. I’ve only been here about two weeks now and this is the first time I’ve had to write anything.  I’m afraid I don’t really have anything to say…though.

Book Giveaway – Cricket in the Thicket – Carol Murray — Writing and Illustrating

Congratulations to author Carol Murray on her new book CRICKET IN THE THICKET. It makes its debut on May 9th, 2017. It’s a picture book that uses the happy combination of poetry and non-fiction. Each of the twenty-nine light-hearted poems is accompanied by a text box at the bottom of the page, filled with interesting facts […]

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via Daily Prompt: Roots

I dug up my roots after 36 years in California and transplanted them here in Oregon. The roots were long and it was a hard move. I have most of my stuff here in Oregon now, but I still have a few things in California…like my boyfriend. I wish he would come up and join me, but I don’t think he will…at least not anytime soon.

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