DIY Soap

Since I’ve been here in Akron, I’ve started making my own soap bars and lip balm. I am using Melt & Pour soap base so it’s not that tough. And I find it rather fun. The lip balm I’ve done once, but I like the fact it doesn’t have a lot of chemical crap in it…or the soap, although, the soap would be better if I made it from scratch…a bit more complicated. I just got my second lip balm kit today. Yes…I know…it is Sunday, but USPS delivered it anyway. Go figure! So my sister and I will make some lip balm probably tomorrow afternoon…as I have a doctor appointment in the morning. Not really looking forward to that, I might add.

Oh, with Melt & Pour soap base you just microwave it until it melts…stirring every few seconds (like 15 to 30 seconds at a time). Then add your essential oils and any dry stuff like flowers, ground oatmeal, etc., and stir until it is well mixed. It’s ok to remelt if it starts setting up before you can get it into the molds. Anyway…it is lots of fun. Ok…they aren’t perfect, but it was my first try…lol!


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