Monterey Bay Aquarium

One of my favorite places is the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. I have been a member several times as money permits and love going even for short trips. My daughter is volunteering there now and I couldn’t be happier for her.

dscf0237-e1489798632950.jpgI had a chance to work there once myself, but had to turn it down because of a conflict with school. But it would have been awesome.

eyeemfiltered1422418460475There are many programs there, but my favorite one is the “sleepovers”. They are available for members and nonmembers alike. A great way for kids to learn about the ocean and its inhabitants. 20130824_095442This program usually has, I think, about 200 to 500 kids and adults in attendance…which really isn’t a lot of people compared to how many are there in the daytime. And you get to bed down by the exhibits. It’s really cool to sleep by the outer bay exhibit. There is a bubble screen at night to give the inhabitants some privacy and it is really mesmerizing. They even have snacks for the “campers”. I’ve been there three times to sleep over and I can’t wait to go again.


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