via Daily Prompt: Massive

I’m thinking you will have a massive response to this prompt today…lol! The only thing that keeps going through my mind about the word “massive” is a massive headache…which I don’t have.

Although…today is the next to last day of my job. Soon I will be unemployed…moving out of state to live with my sister. I have to say it’s a bit scary. I’m sure I’ll find a job once I get up there, but I am still stressed out…a little.

I will be leaving behind my friends and some of my family…oh, and my job as security patrol officer. I will miss the people here at work, too!

So…I’ll be undergoing a “massive” effort to find work and new friends. There…I found another way to use “massive”. Anyway…I hope my transition to my new life is an easy one, and in the meantime I’ll keep blogging.


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  1. I am , as I’ve told you, more than slightly envious. I’m going to miss you but I never get to see you now! But its so exciting to be starting a brand new chapter in your life. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home.


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