It’s been so long since I was in Negril, Jamaica…1999, to be exact. I imagine that things have changed alot since then. Hopefully the roads are better. It took us two hours to go fifty miles, by taxi, around all the potholes and avoiding cows, to get from the airport in Montego Bay to our hotel in Negril.

Jamaica 002When I went to Jamaica it was on a “Fam” trip paid for by the company I worked for at the time. It was a vacation reservation company and they would send us places so we could better sell the vacation packages. It was a nice perk, but the trips weren’t very long…3 days is all…and it was a working vacation. We toured hotels and their property; beach, pool areas, restaurants, etc. Then we got to do anything we wanted in the little spare time we had. I went on the “booze cruise” which went a few miles up the shoreline and back all while drinking some sort of fruity rum drink. Some people went snorkling at the bar we stopped at, some went to the bar and I stayed on board the catamaran.

Everywhere on the beaches were little shops selling stuff from China and India. I bought a nice little scarf. But it was really pretty. And of course the locals would be out on the beach trying to sell “ganja” since it grows wild there.

Jamaica 005The beach was really beautiful. The water was clear and clean, a light blue-green color and with the warmth of the tropics, and you could walk out forever (it seemed) and be no deeper than chest high.

At night the crabs came out and they were pretty big as I recall. You’d be sitting in your lounge chair and out of the corner of your eye you’d see movement. They didn’t seem to be afraid of anyone…not even the little dog that seemed curious.

But all too soon the trip came to an end and we were up early waiting for the taxi ride back to the airport. My co-worker and I were a little spooked when we heard the bag in the back compartment moving and making a clicking sound. We figured it was live crabs, but weren’t really sure. We just kept looking at each other with “deer in the headlights” eyes. But we had a great time.

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  1. My wife and I were in Negril in 1999 also! We stayed at the Grand Lido Negril, which was beautiful. I understand they closed it and I heard tore it down & rebuilt. It was such a lovely place, it’s amazing they did that, if indeed it is true. We were right across the way from Hedonism II. While we were there, several couples switched to our resort, claiming they weren’t prudes, but Hedonism II was too unhinged for them. We took the puddle jumper plane from Montego Bay. The people who took the bus arrived about an hour or so later, and were looking a little green around the gills. Our resort had Princess Grace’s yacht, and we took a booze cruise on that. It was a great time. Thanks for your post, and rekindling a fond memory!


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